Is It ALL Going Down The Drain?

Placebo have a singles collection out. That one got me thinking. I understand that we all grow up and get old(er), but … Placebo?! A singles collection? Surely, it can’t have been that long. And that is not all! Whilst the twenty-something music friend is snowed under with such mundane tasks like trying to sort out your life, keeping the cash flow going and embarking on a whole new career, life is – shock horror – moving on!

First John Peel dies, the Mansun split (or have they …), Graham Coxon exhibits paintings, the Manics de-form and re-form. Ladies and gentleman, we have a whirlwind of events that, quite frankly, seemed totally out of the question not that long ago.

What is a girl to do? Join in the ageing fanbase of nineties combos who have reformed? Cry over spilled Bis and Stereolab? Embark on a whole new career as a dedicated follower of bands beginning with ‘the’ whilst sporting legwarmers, fishnets, cleavage and a frizzy side-parting covering up too much eyeliner?

Hang on to good old indie ethics and hang around Upstairs At The Garage? Or get with it and put in appearances at ComeOut2Nite and Afterskool? I hear that is where the trendy people go these days.

As you can see, we have a dilemma on our hands.

Everything the good people believed in has gone haywire it seems. Whatever happened to paper fanzines? I dare say that Internet Killed The Zine Kid Star – and look where it got us: we no longer send off glitterbomb letters to cool people we’ll never meet. Instead, we join Friendster and converse with this-guy-who-knows-this-girl-who-used-to-be-in-a-band-whose-bassist’s-gran-knew-the-people-who … can you see where this is going?

Communication has broken down and that’s just one example. Personal emails are getting sparse, instead discussion groups are set up – and there’s always one who raids someone else’s unsuspecting mailing list to clog up the conversation.

And I don’t remember the last time I got well and truly excited about a new band. I don’t think there is any left that do not model themselves on either 70s punk (come on, this one is going off fast) or some would-like-to-be-avantgarde indie popsicle outfit. Where’s the twee indie with the brown shirts and corduroy flares gone? And why aren’t people having fun any more? May I remind you it’s okay to dress badly and jump around like a lunatic even though no one else recognises the tune?

However, Tabby on the X-Factor is NOT okay – which is why I won’t be purchasing that Placebo singles collection.

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One Response to Is It ALL Going Down The Drain?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yup. I think Joe made a telling comment about hairdos somewhere that I agreed with.

    I just can’t hack this 80s thing. There were some great bands in the 80s but unfortunately (like Mclusky or Interpol now) they were few and fighting against the inevitable onslaught of deciding which shirt to wear and how much hairspray to use, before sitting down to actually write a decent song.

    I live in hope of the 10s/teens bringing some fucking good stuff back…

    Actually they were playing the Placebo singles in Virgin the other day (while I was drooling over the hideously expensive Nirvana boxset thing) and I thought “Wow, that’s a cool intro,” but it turned out to be the outro to a song I knew and I was depressed. (Nothing to see here – move along.) Anyway, they sounded better than I remembered them.


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