Demo Review: Subculture

Subculture. Credit where credit is due I believe it is said. A brave move by some quite obviously naive kids reckoning themselves somewhat. Sorry to disappoint you all (Ross, Mace, Matt and Julia) but I am not going to read or appreciate your carefully put together leaflet. I cannot be arsed, and you should stop being so pretentious anyway. I’m a musician not a fucking poet, I don’t care what the words are and nor does anyone else! Back to the point. A brave move by Subculture, in the current indie/alternative climate where the only vague degree of success is found mainly in guitar rock and by the ‘the’ bands. Subculture have managed to avoid both.

Now I’m not too sure on my dance music but there seems to be some sort of housey beat at the core of this stuff. Surrounding this is a mixture of synthy-electro sounds with some guy desperately trying to sound depressed (Ross I think this is you) moaning away. This is not to say that the guy can’t sing. Oh no no no. Think Lady Tron, Parisman and Goldfrapp (but not as good) or… I really don’t want to say it, but my journalistic reputation depends on this so I have to… New Order. Damn. I must give you guys what you’ve probably always wanted. There is certainly something very Blue Mondayish and True Faithish flowing through the veins of three fairly lightweight and two dimensional songs.

One would be quite correct to argue that Subculture write upbeat electro dance songs for zombie art student fasion punks to dance to in the early hours, but all it is is essentially pop. Lets try approaching the issue of Subculture’s demo from another angle. If you were to imagine the likes of Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears doing guest vocals on these sounds the result would be top 10 material (that is not a compliment). If wishy-washy was a word, I’d certainly use it to describe this record. Strong in parts, usually the chorus, but just a bit too much flaff surrounding some good ideas… one shiny star, well done.

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7 Responses to Demo Review: Subculture

  1. Anonymous says:

    …from Headlarge.

    For my part i DO care what the words are but i’ve heard the demo and it’s fairly ordinary.

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