Thanks for the matches..

Whilst sifting through the debris of Saturday night in Camden (two crumpled fags, 20 drum’n’bass flyers, about 15 quid in change) i came accross these matches and then, in typical alcohol-flashback style I remember rambling drunkenly to some bloke about Bill Hicks, or something or other. Nice site, like the idea behind it and the minimalistic no bullshit layout sans banner advertising is pretty refreshing to see.

Oh, and thanks for the matches, i lent them to some 10 year old pyromaniacs to go burn down the local KFC. Rock on!

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One Response to Thanks for the matches..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good to hear. That’s the sort of story that warms the heart. I’m fillin’ up, right here. 😀

    If the bloke you spoke to was sporting the latest in slaphead chic, the chances are it was Nathaniel Mehr. Otherwise it may have been me.

    Nice to have you with us.


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