what do you think about it?
do you smoke?
should it be banned?
are you a chain smoker or a full time smoker?
Thanks –
Short post i know but i just want to know what people think about it

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5 Responses to Smoking

  1. Anonymous says:

    …can’t be banned soon enough. As shocking as it may seem to smokers, I’m not really up for contracting lung cancer cos they’re being selfish cunts. And I would absolutely love to come home from a night out and not have to throw all my clothes into the wash cos they stink of smoke. I’ve got no problem with people lighting up in the street or in their own home but there shouldn’t even be an argument as to whether it should be allowed at gigs and in bars.

  2. Anonymous says:

    compltly agree nothing more unatractive than smelling like a big fag. worst thing is i have 2 do my own washing… 😦

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