John Peel R.I.P.

A question was asked ‘was is for?’

Well, I reccommend that it is to pay tribute such a legend. Though only young myself, his effect on music is unparrelleled and I would like to ask all comers to post a message in respect.

Radio One keep on playing Joy Division (Atmosphere) and Undertones (Teenage kicks), his favourite songs and I have seen both New Order and the Undertones, so he had an effect on me I didnt even realise fully until today.

I will post something later about his set at Fabric I saw in late 2002, which was hillarous, but now it is your turn to make something useful of this site, after all, in my opinion, it is what it is there for!

Dave the Rave

[i][b]Theo:[/b] I have temporarily moved this topic to the top of the front page.[/i]

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10 Responses to John Peel R.I.P.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well I for one am hideously gutted about it and even reading the tributes on the BBC news page had me welling up.

    I did actually start to post something quite a few times, but I really couldn’t think what was worth writing that wasn’t already said more eloquently elsewhere.

    Personally I was an even bigger fan of his stuff for Radio 4. He was a legend, IMO and more importantly, a genuine, honest and likeable guy.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the only sensible thing to do in this situation, i think, is to find all the recordings of his show and repeat them for as long as they can. And when that’s over, start at the beginning again.

    I’m so sad.


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