Foxy Roxy Poxy

My record collection has been polluted. The grubby horror of the outside world has seeped in among my CDs, taken root in the chaotic piles of plastic. Bryan Ferry’s son is a supporter of the Countryside Alliance – that collection of selfish, ignorant bigots who pass themselves off as the real face of England. God help us, perhaps they are. :gag: Whatever. I want nothing to do with them unless it is to watch them die. :die: Slowly.
So great is my revulsion that since young master Ferry and some other young toffs invaded the Commoms in their “I Hate Fucking Foxes, Me” T-shirts I have been unable to listen to any Roxy.
My question is, am I being irrational? Should it matter? Should the sins of the son be visited upon the father’s band? Should we stop listening to records if we dislike the politics of particular band members, their friends and relations or should music and politics be kept apart?
Me, I think music, like sport, cannot escape the polluting taint of politics. The England cricket team should stay the Hell out of Zimbabwe and my Roxy Music records are headed for the boot sale.

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8 Responses to Foxy Roxy Poxy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well I know what you mean. Really your objection should be down to Brian supporting his progeny at the Q awards, rather than just because the guy did something you didn’t agree with.

    However, I have to admit to being a little dubious about the Ramones after hearing Johnny Ramone reckoned Regan was the greatest president they’d ever had and was apparently firmly in the Dubya camp. :suspect:


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